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Factory Size
(in sq.feet/sq. meter)
Why annual maintenance contract (AMC) is important?
Our Annual Maintenance Contracts involves replacement of all defective parts or even whole units together with On-site support. Under the Annual Maintenance Contracts, customers have to send defective unitsto the factory. The faulty units will be rectified and returned to them.
When to sign up for AMC?
We recommend signing up for AMC contracts before the warranty / previous AMC contract expires in order to prevent any unforeseen expensenot covered under warranty. We carry out Preventive Maintenance check for all the equipment that come under the annual maintenance contract, at least once in every six months. The annual AMC contract cost for transformers & AVRs is 8-10% of the equipment’s original cost.The AMC cost can defer on the basis of the equipment type. We also provide another type of service.Customers have to pay service charge that covers the servicing / repairs, etc., on-site for a year. The defected components, however, are replaced by the customer at their own cost.

Customer testimonials & Performance Certificates
The three (60 KVA,30 KVA, 20KVA) "Powerware” brand Servo Voltage Stabilizer are produced and installed by our Meerut based company. The stabilizers’ performances are good since last fiveyears.Sai Electricals’ services are also satisfactory.We wish them all the best”- Beauty Palace Jewellery House, Ambala  

A “Powerware” H.T Automatic Voltage Controller is installed on our 11KV line. The Automatic Voltage Controllerhas been performing extremely well for more than two years, and stabilizes the input voltage to the transformer at 11KV in spite of serious fluctuations in voltage. The company’sprovided equipment and servicesare upto our expectations. We wish them all the best.”- Bajaj Steel and Industries, Kanpur  

We bought a 150KVA “Powerware” Servo voltage Stabilizer from Sai Electricals, Meerut and get it commissioned on 6th March, 1996. The installation of the stabilizer has conserved 20% electrical energy. This stabilizer has covered our plant illumination load.We believe that the payback period of this stabilizer is less than one year.- Modi Rubber Ltd.

Basic Maintenance Scope
(A) Visual and Mechanical Inspection:
•    Inspection for physical conditions of oil level, oil leakages, repair of leakage if any.
•    Inspection for electrical connection tightness, grounding, etc.
•    Inspection for cracks & dust in bushing, gasket replacement, gasketed joints, bushing replacement
•    Electrical Inspection for transformer loading, continuity, tightness of earth connection in pits
•    Inspection for proper operation of drain valves, radiator valves, etc.
•    Thoroughly wipe down, vacuum, and dust transformer
•    Check for air passages is clear, and colour of active agent in silicagel breather.
•    Analysis of Insulating oil for electrical strength, oil filtration and requirement of oil replacement.
•    Painting of transformer if needed.
•    Checking &testing of protective gear like Buchholz Relay, WTI, OTI, MOLG, etc.
(B) Electrical Tests Performed on transformers:
•    Resistance testing through bolted connections
•    Verification for BDV of insulating oil
•    Insulation-resistance tests, winding to winding, and each winding to ground
•    Turns-ratio tests at tap positions
•    Dissolved gas analysis of transformer oil

We can also install Online Condition Monitoring System on transformer so that real time monitoring of transformer can eb done to identify any incipient faults and also diagnose the transformer for several parameters, some of which are as below:
•    H2 PPM Level
•    Active/ Reactive apparent energy and power
•    Maximum demand/ Demand forecasting
•    Ambient, Oil & Winding Temperature
•    Voltage & Current in all three phases.
•    Time bound & stamped data for KVAH/KWH/KVAR

Our transformer manufacturing and servicing company also provide power distribution transformer onsite and offsite repairing services. Our engineers and professional employees with vast knowledge of repairing transformers are responsible for the repairing services. There are many reputed companies that avail our world class Power Distribution Transformer Repairing Services from us.

We provide the services for Contract transformer manufacturing services. As big manufacturers in India, such as ABB, Schneider andCGL, are overloaded with orders, our company offers services for contract manufacturing. The transformers upto 20MVA power transformer for 33KV class can be manufactured in our state-of-the-art infrastructure. The transformers are manufactured according to the bill of material, raw material and bought out items from the customer. Apart from this, we can also perform part assemblies like the following:
Manufacturing of Coil Assembly,Manufacturing of Core Assembly
Manufacturing of Coil Assembly &Core Assembly
Core Coil Assembly
Manufacturing of Transformer Tank

Our company has experience in designing power and distribution transformers upto 20MVA, 33KV class. Our professionals use design capabilities of special type transformers such as rectifier transformers, booster transformers, HTAVR,etc.

(a) Design validation Services:Under this service, we make sure that the transformer you ordered fulfils the required specification provided by customer to prevent any wrong supply. The design validation can be through estimation/ calculation or tests according to the standard specially designed to meet the requirement of customer.

(b) Prototype Development Service: Our company develops a prototype transformer, which is passed through some routine tests and all the type test or special test.

(c) Detailed manufacturing Design: Customers working with us get detailed manufacturing design thatinvolves detailed fabrication drawings, template design, process cards for all stages of components manufacturing, bill of material for all stages of manufacturing, right from fabrication to testing to packing. Automated design software is used for this process.

(d) Customized Design services: Customers sometimes demand specific specifications that are different from standard transformers given to the specialized application. We can provide the design services for customized specifications.

(e) Requirement of Design Calculations & Documents:The design calculations, GTP’s and drawings needed for approval are prepared. Other documents needed for the manufacturing process are core assemble, winding, core & coil assembly, final assembly and testing.

(f) Modification in Design of Existing transformer: Customers can opt for modifications in the existing design or installed transformers that might be required because of changes in voltage class, capacity and other features desired by the customer.

(g) Developing design Infrastructure: Customers can ask forsupport to develop the design activities, design software and train their personnel to design activities according to the standard practice of transformer manufacturing prevalent at the customer plant.

Sai Dham, Victoria Park, Near Jail Chungi Crossing,Meerut - 250001, Uttar Pradesh, India
Phone :+918037304146
Fax :91-121-2760075
Mr Amit Tiwari (Asst. Manager)
Mobile :918037304146

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